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Arranging a Meeting

10 Maret 2010

Location :  HORISON

13.00        Meet Business Partners

13.10         Introduction Product

13.40        Company Profile

Detail konsep

Introduction product

Microsoft Windows, or better known as Windows is a family of personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft to use interface with graphical user (graphical user interface). Microsoft Windows 7 was launched in 2010 or could have been the end of 2009 was mempuyai many new features, though still relatively deket Windows Vista, but in all the capabilities of Windows 7 in Windows Vista has improved. In Windows 7, though Microsoft is not much revolutionized desktop display, but the existing facilities more disemurnakan as well as with the start button is more interactive and alive. In addition, of course, Microsoft has added many features ranging from icons to display in every window. Although Microsoft Windows 7 not meruapakan a revolution but still his presence will shake the world the operating system will be the future.

Microsoft is a company that wanted to learn from its users, particularly in the development of Windows 7. Because many users who do not want certain features not included in Windows 7 is the last version of Windows 7 to be tested by the tester was equipped with facilities to enable or disable various features available in Windows 7 as IE8 browser, Windows Media Center, Windows Search, the XPS Viewer, etc.. In Windows 7 release candidate versions, the control panel has a new feature “Windows With Windows 7, Microsoft also made a number of programs to be not part of the operating system directly as feature photo galleries, email and the previous movie-making part of Windows will be a separate program that can be downloaded via Windows Live.

Why can alter the consumer, because the windows are always in development waiting  by consumers.

Company Profile


Company Profile

Indonesia, a country which for many years been importing various types of software. Through PT Microsoft Indonesia TBK, Indonesia can be a producer of software, especially in the field of Education Software that can compete not only with local software companies, but also with companies in the world that has been dominating the software market.

Microsoft Indo is a product of PT Microsoft Indonesia TBK new possible at this time we hear actually experienced since 23 years ago has spread even products to 23 countries. Among Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Poland, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, France, Egypt, Ghana, China, Korea, India, and Greece, Canada, and Brunei Darussalam. Since 1986, recorded about 2,000 schools in Indonesia have been using software that is triggered by Bambang Hary Sudiyono Yuwono and this. This software has been adapted to the national curriculum for primary / MI, SMP / MTS, SMA / MA, and CMS. This software claimed to have been circulated and used in schools throughout Indonesia.

Various results have been achieved by the Indo Microsoft software gives a great sense of optimism that Indonesia could actually be Educational Software Center in the World if there is unity between the Government, Private Parties, and the Indonesian Association Incorporated. With active support from Microsoft as one of the main companies in the world’s largest Microsoft Family EduPC (giving Microsoft bundling software with Microsoft Indo in a PC) and Telkom with Telkom Speedy Edu Program (via software PesonaEDU Online) these ideas more concrete.

Through Microsoft Indo Online, this software will not only be accessed at school, but can also be used at home with family assisted. To improve the quality and quantity of the software, PT Microsoft Indonesia TBK continue to improve and update the content if not included in the software that it already is. Indo Microsoft is also being developed to run on the Linux operating system and Mac OS, so that later Indo Microsoft software can really become the primary choice for those who want educational software can be used as an alternative learning.

• Top 9 of 85 countries in E-Learning Categori Top 3 in Mathematics and Science Software
• Friendly Kitemark Accreditation of England Promothean
• Best Education Software 2006 Ministry of National Education
• Best Education Software 2007 Ministry of National Education
• Merit Award Categori Education & Training Asia Pacific ICT Award 2006
• Winner of Education & Training APICTA Indonesia 2006
• Best of the Best APICTA Indonesia 2006
• APEC Digital Opportunity Center Award Taipei, July 2007


PT. AKU SUKA KAMU SUKA are one of big distributor/wholesaler for laptops, mp3 players, digital cameras, game consoles, plasma tv, etc. Original factory specification with makes such as Apple, Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Panasonic, Sony and other famous manufacturers at genuine bargain prices.
All products are brand new in box. This quality assurance combination of testing certification and recognized brand named quality allows aku suka to confidently offer a standard 30 day warranty on all products listed on our website. Besides our standard warranty, contains Factory Warranty.
We have sold thousands of our products to resellers and retail customers in more than 30 city since 2003 . They already knew that the aku suka name means quality used laptops and outstanding professional service.

Our Vision A World class company as a breeding ground for future entrepreneurs with spirit of IT utilization.Our Mission To be Indonesia”s No.1 IT retailer through 8 dimensions concept that deliver the ultimate experience in shopping IT products, encountering high tech yet still remaining humane to customers.

Our Vision A World class company as a breeding ground for future entrepreneurs with spirit of IT utilization.Our Mission To be Indonesia”s No.1 IT retailer through 8 dimensions concept that deliver the ultimate experience in shopping IT products, encountering high tech yet still remaining humane to customers.

Products Offered by PT AKU SUKA KAMU SUKA:

Laptop Compaq

By Specification

System Manufacturer  : Hewlett-Packard

System Model              : Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook PC

BIOS                            : Default System BIOS

Processor                     : Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU       T4200  @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz

Memory                       : 1024MB RAM

Available OS Memory  : 954MB RAM



Operating since in 2004, Hayang Untung Computer has been known as a progressive business institution, delivering innovated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. Our motto, One Stop ICT Training & Education portrays a comprehensive Free &Open Source (FOSS) solutions for thecustomer. We provide various ICT training& education for private and corporate,including connecting the whole supporting packages of solution by delivering systemsupport & development.

For many years, HU Computer acknowledged widely among IT industries as a Linux and Open Source Software (OSS) specialist. We are highly appreciated by industries as Indonesia’s Windows training company pioneer, as “the home of windows”, because of our Human resources consists of  Windows movement & socialisation activist, FOSS entrepreneurs, and among the first Windows and FOSS users in Indonesia. Hence, having a comprehensive and actual understanding about ICT and FOSS Solutions for customers.

Products Offered by PT HAYANG UNTUNG:

Computers samsung

By Specification

Dengan Spesifikasi

System Manufacturer  : LCD

System Model      : samsung L4570

BIOS                    : Default System BIOS

Processor             : Pentium(R) Core 2 duo CPU       T4200  @ 25.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.5GHz

Memory               : 1570MB RAM

Available OS Memory: 1050MB RAM



President 1     : Fuad Abdul Baqi

President 2      : Fajar Adnan Faridi

Directur          : Tresna fitriani

IT Staf            : Haryati Nur Anisa


Sales               : Dadang Saeful Rochman

Arif Mukti


Uyung Abdul Hakim


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