Menentukan Mutu Nilai

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Daspro




void main()


char nama[40], jurusan[60];

int nilai;

long int nim;


cout<<“Masukan Nama Anda    : “;cin>>nama;

cout<<“Masukan NIM Anda     : “;cin>>nim;

cout<<“Masukan Jurusan Anda : “;cin>>jurusan;

cout<<“Masukan Nilai Anda   : “;cin>>nilai;


cout<<“Mutu Nilai = A”;

else if(nilai>=75&&nilai<89)

cout<<“Mutu Nilai = B”;

else if(nilai>=55&&nilai<74)

cout<<“Mutu Nilai = C”;

else if(nilai>=35&&nilai<54)

cout<<“Mutu Nilai = D”;

else if(nilai>=0&&nilai<34)

cout<<“Mutu Nilai = E”;




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